Earlier this year, the  Kings and Clippers put together one of the best scoring displays in NBA history, as LA fell in double overtime 176-175.

This combination of 351 points is the second-most points scored by two teams in NBA history, trailing the triple-overtime game between the Pistons and Nuggets in 1983.

And there were some crazy performances put up to get to these scores. 

Malik Monk led the game in scoring with 45, Kawhi Leonard dropped 44 on 73 percent shooting, and Russell Westbrook dished 14 assists in his first game with the Clippers. 

But, would this be the best offensive game in NBA history after inflation?

To compare this to the Pistons-Nuggets game in ‘83, we’ll compare each player’s performance to the same league average, and over the same game length of 63 minutes.

Despite three-point attempts per game jumping over 600% since ‘83, it did not really impact that games’ total, since both teams combined to go 2 for 4 from the outside. For context, both teams Friday night shot 86 combined threes. 

But, Isiah Thomas would earn the biggest improvement if he played in today’s game, as his 47-point night would turn into 60.